To these

To these We have to help malen to whom to creation not because we think of it as about the small and weak but because it is allocated by the great creative energiya, by the nature so fragile that need in the loving and reasonable protection.

To these energiya we want to help, but not to the child or his weakness.

When we understand, that energy belong to unconscious reason, to which it is necessary to become conscious by means of work and it is vital foot of the experience gained in the world we understand that reason the child in infancy differs from ours that we ps we can reach it verbal manuals And ps we can interfere with process of its transition directly from an unconsciousness to the conscious process formations of the person.

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Only after

Only after The press started writing about spontaneously found culture.

Psychologists asked a question, whether these children differ something from others and for ourselves this long time remained a riddle.

Only after further eksper we with confidence imprisoned cops that all children are allocated ability to absorb culture.

And if it is the truth, ubezh we gave then if it is possible to find culture without efforts, then let's provide to children access to other its components.

And then we saw that they absorb much more, than reading and the letter botany, zoology, mathematics, geo grafiya all with the same ease, spontaneously and without getting tired.

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For the rest

For the rest When Oliver improvised, I helped him, accompanying on a piano, played ostinato on bass octaves at the speed chosen by it it needed and often asked about such support.

For the rest transferred an initiative to it until there was a need to stimulate with high notes or a staccato.

Oliver only occasionally imitated that heard, and in this sense it is possible to call its work rather creative.

Duet with D.


Day when Oliver started communicating closely with a piano came and ceased to tap in the same way one finger continuous series of notes up and down.

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