From pristenochny

From pristenochny Bodies of the digestive and respiratory systems are called as vegetative bodies, as serve only vegetable or inactive organism aspect of life.

Only recently the last researches showed, just bodies vivatsya.

There is a following: in the uniform layers there are points, or the centers, which suddenly on chinat to show high biological activity.

From pristenochny matrixes cages are formed and start Faure to mirovaniye of body, or rudiments of body.

Irrespective of, what is body, the scheme of its emergence is always identical.

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You can not guess

You can not guess You can not guess that are in such big company: in our society the parent needs to test sense of shame when the son or the daughter skip classes at school, or get drunk, or somehow differently badly behave; therefore even friends not are inclined to speak about offenses of children and the related experiences.

Showing you the arrangement, they still can ask at a meeting: And how children?

however your answer is consolidated, as a rule, to, that to tell about accepted in behavior of social children, and at all not about disobedience, skirmishes, night returns home, admissions of occupations.

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But during

But during If you knock you will humiliate.

And small the humiliation is not terrible?

As a rule, parents connect emergence of stutter with a fright, the critical psychoinjuring situation which took place in the child's life.

They tell that happened to the kid when the grandmother had him on vacation in the village, at dacha, in kindergarten or sanatorium.

But during conversation with parents usually it becomes clear that prerequisites for developing of stutter appeared much earlier.

Often it appears that in the early childhood the kid had the serious illness which demanded a long course of treatment.

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And such

And such Also he cannot speak, even if sees that occurs round it.

And still with a current time the child starts going both talks, and goes from one achievement to another, the person will not be created yet in all greatness of its corporal and intellectual gifts.

And such in a way the door to truth opens: the child not an inert sou shchestvo who is obliged to all of us that it can do as if it was an empty vessel which we have to attacked thread.

No, the child creates in himself the person, and there is no such the person who would not be created by that child, which it KOGDZ.

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Once, when

Once, when When I was absolutely small, the presentiment of New Year began during a time of November rains, and it tried to lean on any sign and a hint of approach of a holiday.

Once, when I came from walk which was not pleased yet by the snow phenomenon, saw that in our room on one of far book shelves something shines obviously New Year's.

I was sure that it is a gift, and during a moment rushed almost under a ceiling.

But it appeared that it was the slice of a usual foil, and together with me all presages of a holiday collapsed ….

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