Lifted or rose, calmed. And now ask: Why you fell? , What

Lifted or rose, calmed. And now ask: Why you fell? , What Here the simplest situation: the child ran stumbled fell stretched.

Lifted or rose, calmed.

And now ask: Why you fell?

, What to do when scratched a knee?

Look how it is possible to help itself, As you think, what it is necessary to make that it is more knees not to rasshibat?

How it is better to arrive?

You can take any situation and discuss with the child, using these basic questions: Why?

And whether it is possible?

Why it is impossible?

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These speech

These speech Best of all to tell that you really want; if you cry out only denials I do not want spirits; I do not want evening dresses; I do not want delicacies, can die of hunger!

In other words, relieve the speech of denials until will be able to speak without any inconveniences, using only the positive statements.


These speech designs also compel your interlocutor to accept on itself responsibility for the experiences which are initially belonging to you or representations.

Transform them to positive statements.

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It is received

It is received Thus, we found out that education it not that proceeds from the teacher, and natural process, which spontaneously develops in the person.

It is received not bywith vyslush Wai of the word, and thanks to experience of interaction of the child about an okra zhayushchy environment.

The teacher's task not to give lecture, and podgo to tovit and organize sequence of incentives for a sack turny activity in the special environment created for the child.

My experiments made in various countries forty years, and as children proceed here grow, parents constantly ask me to apply mine me toda of work and to more advanced age.

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She told

She told And it started educating the mother on the questions relating to a bladder and its muscles.

She told that she should not eat chocolate for the night and to drink CocaCola or coffee, and then in detail explained to her, what exercises it gathers delat.

I have a good offer mother told.

Annie with suspicion looked at her: sometimes these good offers were reduced to eating of a plateful of soup.

Let's draw the big colourful plate where you will tick off, noting the exercises, and to write down as far as your bubble increases and as long you can suffer, detaining I wet.

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When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard

When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard The growing person surely has to happen somewhere else, meet other people.

When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard such awful children our good, It in a garden school he learned such things is means that parents perceive the child, as the certain passive being capable only to come under others influence.

Meanwhile, the main task of mothers and fathers consists just in bringing up psychologically steady person which personality is capable to resist to negative factors.

Remember: the speech problem first of all testifies to problems in neuropsychological development of the child.

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