I know that

I know that Of course, can Annie concerned occurring and nevertheless hoping told to find some way out.

I know!

Annie by voice of the victor exclaimed.

I know that now it is necessary to do!

It was dawned suddenly by ingenious thought: after all it is possible to draw mother and the father again together.

With improbable diligence and diligence, moving with language between teeth that, in her opinion, helped it to concentrate, she drew the parents with a row, smiling each other.

Near them it placed the, too smiling, the image.

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In that case, seeing

In that case, seeing Too often parents speak to children: After divorce it will be better whereas actually a lot of time that this expected improvement at last came is required.

In that case, seeing that after business divorce actually worsen, children test confusion and become mistrustful.

And, at last, be convinced that your child understands that you explain to him.

Repetition by the child of your words that mother and the father get divorced, does not mean that he understands an essence and sense of divorce.

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We noticed: children

We noticed: children We noticed: children behave in many respects as princes, when parents, deprived before selfrespect, start resisting and to assert the rights.

Let's give as an example the following original history of the yearold teenager who threatened to run away from the house only because his father did not buy it the third !

new car.

One wealthy father of family provided with cars all the children when they were years old.

His fourth child broke the new the car therefore the father bought it another.

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This musical

This musical The boy stood.

In amazement looked at mother.

This musical attack which expressed indignation of that it neglected it game, worked much more effectively, than any admonition.

We work together and now, within nearly four years, and for this period Mathew's development as the general, and emotional passed different stages both rise, and decline.

If to look far back, it is possible to tell that the boy became kontaktny, than earlier, studies at school more successfully.

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But sometimes

But sometimes But the fairy If, apparently, did not take offense.

First, I adore red color she answered, correcting red ringlets and always wanted that hair curled.

But sometimes I think: Ah, if they were smooth, white and taken away back, I then would look wiser and elegant.

Also and with footwear she told, extending feet so that they could be made out better.

I like these elegant shoes on high heels but when you rub a callosity, think: here if I carried usual convenient footwear.

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