Children, but not the contents it is impossible to force to reconcile, stupidly swallowing offenses; if feel that the child can solve a problem itself do not interfere, give advice, only if asks, control, direct.

Children can independently solve some evil problems, others cannot without you.

Here also your clever support is necessary.

But anyway the child has to know that you on his party that he under your protection.

Know the rights as parent and as consumer under the law on consumer protection and under other laws.

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Tasks for allocation

Tasks for allocation It is possible to train phonemic hearing already from oneyearold age.

Exercises are carried out by the principle from simple to difficult.

Tasks for allocation of the first sound, recognition of words on the set sound, a dogovarivaniye it is recommended to carry out from years.

Ask the child to repeat after you sounds: AOIUY IOAYE UOIAY Ask the child to repeat after you sound combinations: IU'S JOINTSTOCK COMPANY YA UE Ask to raise the kid a hand when he hears a sound And: OUAIA Ask the child to raise a hand when he hears a sound At: IUUOY Ask to raise the kid a hand when he hears the sound Ы: OIYUY Ask the child to raise a hand when he hears a sound And: IOAIE Ask the child to raise a hand when he hears the sound Э: OAEIE Ask the child to call an excess sound: AAUAA OIOOO UUUUY Ask the child to repeat after you syllables: PANO VYKUZO GOHIMU DOGADO BYZOZO TUTUNA SUNOVOGA LOGONAKA DODODOPA MININILI BANOPULYGO ZUDIVUMOVE KUTONYTSOCHA Show to the child of the picture: aster, watermelon, lamp shade, arch.

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Surely discuss

Surely discuss Prepare for that the kid will achieve results gradually.

All children different: one grab quickly, another need more time for assimilation of new knowledge.

Surely discuss with the child how he performs tasks, sum up the results, do not forget to mark out any, even a tiny victory, each small achievement.

We develop acoustical attention It is very important to develop acoustical attention: it is necessary in order that the child was able to learn and distinguish new sounds.

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At development

At development At supervision over the child burns eBHj, Hjiiyi^TразвителжЩа occurs through and 'I I ciiiie.

At development of the speech, for example, we see that раз^ ~ From ability to understanding goes hand in hand with took away N ipsm muscle works, sounds participating in pronouncing and It is YOUNG the Observations over children made worldwide chrzhdat that the child uses the movements for development that of understanding.

The movement helps development of reason, to gm in turn expresses itself in the movement and active HI Turns out that we deal with a certain cycle, to olk the reason and the movement are parts uniform whole yu py sense organs, and rebealso take part possessing smaller opportunities of touch joint stock company I and HI I of wasps of I and, remains at lower level intellectual time I pi The muscles operated by a brain are called as muscles Irin of crazy movements.

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Whether You think it is indignant obviously counting on my support.

mother speaks I read her letter to some girl a continuous mat.

Took a bypass receiver you about what and in what expressions it spoke with the girlfriend would hear!

Simply hair on end become!

Of course, at us was after that the next scandal.

Whether it seems to you that you overheard private conversation, spotted what was intended not to you?

I asked.

Well you!

Same my own daughter!

The woman is excited, almost in despair but after all she does not notice the obvious!

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