You understand, after

You understand, after Why it was heavy for you?

she asked.

You understand, after all at you earlier never was the stepfather?

Well here, and I too was never the stepfather so all this and is new to me earlier and it is unusual.

Both of us should study.

yes Annie told and after a short pause added: I never reflected on it.

You want to tell, what for you it is also strange to become the stepfather how for me to obtain the stepfather?

How to tell Josh vaguely answered partly it is normal, and it is partly strange.

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For the first

For the first Boys at first had to be engaged with me individually and out of a class.

For the first time we met in the big empty room equipped with a video camera.

Then allocated us the special isolated room at school the pleasant, well equipped room, with all conveniences, including a translucent mirror.

Though we were also engaged at school, my main objective was not to teach to boys music, and to make it the tool for their development that would promote complete formation of their identity.

I used music as the emotional, intellectual and social power serving integration as means to weaken the feelings of alarm and frustration peculiar to many children with autism.

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As you already

As you already Gradually all children, then adults, and even the main storyteller start shivering.

To the aid on wave of a magic wand there is the following saving design crosswise the put sticks, with the elastic bands attached to the ends.

Elastic bands there will be enough ten meters two short and two long pomocha with ringlets on the ends.

As you already guessed are threads for puppets.

The highest fathers will drive children, and the main wizard to help them to keep some chetyrekhugolnost of the movement, as well as it is necessary to dolls.

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Whether there

Whether there Any mistakes.

Then asked Annie: And you want that every time everything turned out faultlessly?

Annie nodded.

Oh, My God the godmother told.

Whether there is not a bit too much for the little girl?

I, for example, did not meet any person who would always do everything faultlessly.

And thank God!

It would be the most opposite bore.

No, my dear, it is impossible to learn something, without making mistakes, and it is simply impossible well though slightly to have fun or a good time when you try to be faultless all the time.

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Then keep

Then keep It is the special section of your reason, something like magic.

Oho Annie told, wigging out.

And I also did not know that in me there is something magic.

Magic, magic is in each of us continued Sam.

It is only necessary to trust in it and to learn to use this gift.

If you want, I will show you right now, properly to connect the magic.

Annie according to nodded, showing the impatience.

Then keep more strong advised it Sam.

Now we will go to the imagined travel.


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