Adhere to this

Adhere to this To see that your child the responsible and decent person.

Adhere to this thought, do not dare to fall in those not relevant emotions about which we spoke in chapter What most of people most of all needs, is a happiness and the fair, based on cooperation relations with people around.

We are convinced, as you, and your child feel this need.

However in conditions of a stress or threat people are inclined to forget, to what actually aspire, and start behaving as if their deepest cares were: How to win, win?

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By all means

By all means By all means allow your spouse and your child to establish such relationship which are presented to them the best.

For example, if you want to communicate with your child in not intense and kind to manner also behave respectively, and your spouse and your child consider possible to interact with each other by means of orders, mutual offenses and reproaches, let they and do.

Adhere to, that to care only of the problems which are directly influencing your life and that what do you think of other people.

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I and! to not the only

I and! to not the only Often the reduced form connects I hi to themnibud imitative word, for example gav The I in stub of designation of a dog, or the word is simply invented.

And rs ultate there is that at us is called to nurseries yazy The I OHM but deserves much more careful studying with The I c ropa of what work is care of children.

I and!

to not the only thing that the child in it forms and raising.

Among other things it finds feeling of an order.

It and which to a measure is not something superficial or short Eternal as it often is considered to be, and arises from of the I item sing need.

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Atem on a scene

Atem on a scene It were absolutely new biological lines.

atem on a scene there was a new character the person.

If To Goiorit about the person as about a species, its embryo IMSS double life.

It is created on the new project and has, ich to comparison with other creatures, new mission.

On scrap the moment we should stop and, proceeding from to stub, anew to begin studying of development of the child and psychology and yuneka.

If work of the person on the earth is connected with his spirit, it creative reason, then its spirit and its reason have to i.

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Because mothers

Because mothers Mother and the child are unseparable.

All the time, when they somewhere together, mother I about a time it, and the child listens.

If mother bargains with the seller, on occurs in the presence of the child, he everything sees also sla board.

And so the entire period of breastfeeding, which is also the reason of such close union.

Because mothers to share to feed the child and therefore it cannot leave it Houses when leaves.

Thus, need of the child in to niche and the love uniting these two beings connect In a solution of the problem of adaptation of the child to the world, also occurs but the most natural way.

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