It is necessary

It is necessary It is possible to read all history and philosophy and all the same to remain bespomoshch ny.

But it is only worth opening access to funds, voodushev will be lyayushchy on great efforts, and results absolutely the friend mi.

But for this purpose we have to use that finds response in the person.

It is necessary to encourage those qualities, which are formed during the creative period, as, if not to give them chance to be created at this time, vposled stviya they will not appear.

Sermons,' good example will not be able to recover them.

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At some

At some Some researches testify that extreme impulsiveness meets so often, as well as a hyperactivity, i.


at % of children.

Another % of children belong to category enough impulsive quite often to create problems for themselves and parents.

Extreme impulsiveness can have in the basis of the reason of organic character: from neurologic dysfunctions to genetic predisposition.

At some children impulsiveness can be the acquired behavioural model.

They can imitate, for example, impulsive members of the family or develop in themselves this quality in the course of the education preferring speed of diligence and thoughtfulness.

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Vasily, the father

Vasily, the father Clean toys.

Aha, Vasya answered and continued to march.

Vasily, the father became angry.

Yes when you, at last, will clean toys?

Now, Vasya answered and quickly stuffed toys under a case, a bed, a sofa, a table and a chair.

And once it happened here that.

Vasya, as usual, scattered the fighters and transport on corners and went to bed.

Suddenly behind a window the huge shadow grew.

It kolykhatsya long in air, and then carefully passed through glass.

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Hold the adrenaline

Hold the adrenaline Flying into a rage every time as soon as this person waves the red rag, you do just that is necessary for it.

Think, what he will feel the fool if is not able to induce you to do it!

Your adrenaline is expensive.

Take care of it, hold it, do not spend it so precipitately on someone's signal on anger and concern.

Hold the adrenaline the dry!

Whether look, please, is not present in your behavior of any excessive reactions to that the child speaks.

Solve for yourself: you will not become angry, to worry, test sense of guilt and frustration and will not be also to shout, let loose hands or to cry when he or she, having told something, gives to you signal to it.

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I do not think

I do not think Let's begin with shout on Mary to make her silent.

What from this would leave?

Annie reflected.

I do not think that it could change something.

Most likely, she would continue to say scurrilous things.

Then, likely, I would cry on it again and business would end in a fight.

Let's allow mother told.

And what, your way, it would turn out if you complained to the teacher?

Perhaps, the teacher would tell that Mary became silent that she stopped telling nonsenses.

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I thought

I thought The fine idea supported it mother.

Annie nodded in a sign soglasiya.

You know mother told, addressing to Annie.

I thought up one more thing which will help your head to think properly.

And what is it?

Annie asked.

She obviously became interested.

It is called a relaxation or relaxation mother told.

If you want, I will show you as it becomes.

Annie according to nodded.

In such state mother told muscles of all body are relaxed and freely hang down here so.

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