Among them

Among them This heterogeneity does our meetings unlike other training courses.

Pupils on our courses have to possess a certain level of an obr zovaniye, and this only condition.

Among them there are students higher educational institutions and professors, lawyers, doctors and those, who could be their clients or patients.

In Europe at us there were students from around the world, and in America one of ours are taught shchikhsya there was an anarchist.

But, despite all this raznomastnost, at us never was any disagreements.

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Down ladder, leading

Down ladder, leading Wars without loss do not happen.

Down ladder, leading down.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child the document accepted by the UN and ratified by Russia.

Family code.

The law on the prevention of violence in a family.

They are the serious documents urged to protect the rights of children, to prevent ill treatment, sexual abuses, operation of children, to provide them a roof over the head, livelihood, education and so on.

At anybody, perhaps, does not raise doubts need and importance of these documents, after all violations of the rights of children a huge set: orphans, homeless children, the victims of war starving and patients.

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Helen felt

Helen felt The boy was sent to the center of development of children.

At last offered a family the practical help.

To meet people with similar problems was for parents a consolation.

The teacherconsultant connected on work with the center was attached to a family.

Helen felt more surely, having understood that in some cases intuitively she arrived correctly.

The teacherconsultant assumed that Mathew can have violations of intellectual development, and offered a family support in this the period of shock, painful for it, and experience of loss.

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It is useful

It is useful Body language is described in more detail in stories about Annie about shyness.

It is useful also to teach children to relax see the Relaxation, chapter .

When children relax, it is possible to suggest them to imagine that them tease, but that it does not touch them at all.

It is possible also to teach children to think about himself: She he does it only in order that to anger me or She he does it only because does not possess sufficient wit to make laugh people somehow differently.

It is also possible to recommend to your child to act as teasing and draznimy that he was accustomed not to react to a tease and sneers.

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From pristenochny

From pristenochny Bodies of the digestive and respiratory systems are called as vegetative bodies, as serve only vegetable or inactive organism aspect of life.

Only recently the last researches showed, just bodies vivatsya.

There is a following: in the uniform layers there are points, or the centers, which suddenly on chinat to show high biological activity.

From pristenochny matrixes cages are formed and start Faure to mirovaniye of body, or rudiments of body.

Irrespective of, what is body, the scheme of its emergence is always identical.

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You can not guess

You can not guess You can not guess that are in such big company: in our society the parent needs to test sense of shame when the son or the daughter skip classes at school, or get drunk, or somehow differently badly behave; therefore even friends not are inclined to speak about offenses of children and the related experiences.

Showing you the arrangement, they still can ask at a meeting: And how children?

however your answer is consolidated, as a rule, to, that to tell about accepted in behavior of social children, and at all not about disobedience, skirmishes, night returns home, admissions of occupations.

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