She told

She told And it started educating the mother on the questions relating to a bladder and its muscles.

She told that she should not eat chocolate for the night and to drink CocaCola or coffee, and then in detail explained to her, what exercises it gathers delat.

I have a good offer mother told.

Annie with suspicion looked at her: sometimes these good offers were reduced to eating of a plateful of soup.

Let's draw the big colourful plate where you will tick off, noting the exercises, and to write down as far as your bubble increases and as long you can suffer, detaining I wet.

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When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard

When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard The growing person surely has to happen somewhere else, meet other people.

When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard such awful children our good, It in a garden school he learned such things is means that parents perceive the child, as the certain passive being capable only to come under others influence.

Meanwhile, the main task of mothers and fathers consists just in bringing up psychologically steady person which personality is capable to resist to negative factors.

Remember: the speech problem first of all testifies to problems in neuropsychological development of the child.

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Now Oliver

Now Oliver On occupations with Oliver I used own system of the metric notation which well was suitable for training of children with lag in development.

Now Oliver could cope with certain short rhythmic drawings which registered then in metric symbols of duration.

This metric representation facilitated a propevaniye of long sounds, especially when during singing Oliver the eyes saw how duration on paper lasts.

The lines illustrating modulation of its voice on vowels considerably helped the boy, and he could draw them see page .

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Now he was sure

Now he was sure And as soon as he croaked as soon as called, anybody to him did not come.

Hardly he released a pad and rode home when it was already absolutely dark.

Vasya understood that it is impossible to deceive adults, and asked for mother and the father of forgiveness.

And then he went to bed and fell asleep a happy frog dream.

Now he was sure that if he will be needs the help, mother and the father will always come and will help.

As Yulya learned to tell the truth Irina Manichenko Once upon a time there was a girl Yulya.

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Here only

Here only Whenever possible it is advisable to go to the grandmother to the village rather and to live there longer.

Here only for the rest of life to hens you will not leave.

It is necessary to go to school in the fall it is necessary to come back home.

Home, where there is a war.

War, where my patient both the main trophy, and the only innocent victim.

The victim true because cannot protect itself, and suffers really.

Sadly, but fact: many of us are inclined to consider the sphere of human relationship, and especially in a family, as a battlefield with the trophies, an advantage gain, fierce firefights and losses.

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After that

After that We have so many different games which we could play together.

The boy got agitated.

I agree!

he told.

In that case told figures help us to return on a board: then we will be able to find the place.

After that the boy made friends with figures.

They taught him to many games.

Arithmetics so was pleasant to it that he often forgot to go down to the dining room for lunch.

His mother very much became angry about it.


she shouted.

It is time to have dinner!

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