' yu means

' yu means With unlimited vozmozh nost it can quite be the converter chelovechest N, , a hook as he is his creator.

The child bears to us Great hope and new vision.

Exists a lot of such, 'mo we, teachers, can make to give mankind To the I deeper understanding, higher level of a bl Tax Code остояния^к_более to the high level of spirituality.

' yu means that the child should be read out from the birth the ushestvo possessing important mental life and from To Iositsya to it respectively.

Today mental life zh'porozhdenny children really it began to be given much until now attention.

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We lift fingers

We lift fingers We lift fingers into the score slowly we raise fingers, palms lie on a lap, we lower fingers into the score slowly we lower fingers, palms lie on a lap.

We bend and draw in fingers to a palm into the score , we unbend and relax fingers into the score .

Handles greet into the score of the handle shake each other, lying on a lap, handshake breaks up hands it is weakened lie on a lap into the score .

The finger rests against a finger also the ring tries to close into the score it is necessary to connect fingertips of both hands, the finger comes off a finger fingers break up to the score and it is weakened lie on a lap.

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This institution

This institution The statistics shows the amazing growth of number mad criminals and those whom neighbors consider strange.

Sociologists appeal to school to recover from this evil, but the school is the certain world, the world closed from such problems.

This institution with too long sorts nice from within to change the traditions.

Only to a davla the scientific research institute from the outside can change, update and find medicine from mistakes which spoil education at each level and too heavy freight lay down on the pupil's life.

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There the painted

There the painted When it went to children's home camp, on the sea, and to it there were any incidents it brought them as an opredmechennost of the failures, and my participation was as if a secondary condolence, secondary support.

On a podarkovy shelf on ancient parchment the dried sturgeon as a cherished dream of one of my pupils floats to become the ichthyologist.

There the painted suit feather from Day of the Indian prepared by March Eighth is based than especially I am proud.

Here a small ancient key from a difficult lock of ancient work.

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And what

And what You who?

in horror Kolya asked.

I am an Informer!

it is proud the terrible head answered, having put out the tongue at the long blue.

And what it is necessary to you here?

the shivering voice pointereksovatsya Kolya.

I for you!

the head jumped up, and the sphere shook in Colin the party.

It nearly fell down from a bed.


Kolya cried.

But anybody did not hear it.

He for some reason and did not hear himself.

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