Often I feel

Often I feel I also could not present that to me it will be sometime so sad.

Well, and what you made?

Emily asked.

Yes anything Annie answered.

At first it was very sad and heavy.

Talked to mother and to the father a little.

Then, through some time I began to get used.

Even now to me sometimes in addition happens sadly.

But I try to think of it less.

Often I feel even the happy.

You know, something good in life after all occurs.

You think that it more will never be, and it comes.

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Fire mastered

Fire mastered If a palm, a harmonious plate, tenderly, but quickly to carry out on the top of a candle, fire will not burn.

This moment is very important because in each child there lives the little Prometheus overcoming a ban on fire.

Fire mastered near the adult can turn into pride for the first time of the tested.

Before I saw how fire gives light.

I felt heat.

I tried taste of a fried crust of bread.

Today I the first time concerned fire.


at mother!

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And unconditionally

And unconditionally By the way, most of the victims of sexual maniacs is made by silent, obedient girls who got used to submit, obey and not to contradict seniors.

And unconditionally to trust all.

It is possible to tell with confidence that on someone else's enveloping phrases those girls who feel emotionally protected which grow in the atmosphere of acceptance and love are much less and much less often bought.

The most reliable protection It belongs both to girls, and to boys, both to small, and to the already almost big.

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