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It is necessary

It is possible to read all history and philosophy and all the same to remain bespomoshch ny.But it is only worth opening access to funds, voodushev will be lyayushchy on great efforts, and results absolutely the friend mi.But for this purpose we have to use that finds response in the person.It is necessary to encourage those qualities, which are formed during the creative period, as, if not to give them chance to be created at this time, vposled stviya they will not appear.Sermons,' good example will not be able to recover them.

At some

Some researches testify that extreme impulsiveness meets so often, as well as a hyperactivity, i.e.at % of children.Another % of children belong to category enough impulsive quite often to create problems for themselves and parents.Extreme impulsiveness can have in the basis of the reason of organic character: from neurologic dysfunctions to genetic predisposition.At some children impulsiveness can be the acquired behavioural model.They can imitate, for example, impulsive members of the family or develop in themselves this quality in the course of the education preferring speed of diligence and thoughtfulness.

Vasily, the father

Clean toys.Aha, Vasya answered and continued to march.Vasily, the father became angry.Yes when you, at last, will clean toys?Now, Vasya answered and quickly stuffed toys under a case, a bed, a sofa, a table and a chair.And once it happened here that.Vasya, as usual, scattered the fighters and transport on corners and went to bed.Suddenly behind a window the huge shadow grew.It kolykhatsya long in air, and then carefully passed through glass.

Hold the adrenaline

Flying into a rage every time as soon as this person waves the red rag, you do just that is necessary for it.Think, what he will feel the fool if is not able to induce you to do it!Your adrenaline is expensive.Take care of it, hold it, do not spend it so precipitately on someone's signal on anger and concern.Hold the adrenaline the dry!Whether look, please, is not present in your behavior of any excessive reactions to that the child speaks.Solve for yourself: you will not become angry, to worry, test sense of guilt and frustration and will not be also to shout, let loose hands or to cry when he or she, having told something, gives to you signal to it.

I do not think

Let's begin with shout on Mary to make her silent.What from this would leave?Annie reflected.I do not think that it could change something.Most likely, she would continue to say scurrilous things.Then, likely, I would cry on it again and business would end in a fight.Let's allow mother told.And what, your way, it would turn out if you complained to the teacher?Perhaps, the teacher would tell that Mary became silent that she stopped telling nonsenses.

I thought

The fine idea supported it mother.Annie nodded in a sign soglasiya.You know mother told, addressing to Annie.I thought up one more thing which will help your head to think properly.And what is it?Annie asked.She obviously became interested.It is called a relaxation or relaxation mother told.If you want, I will show you as it becomes.Annie according to nodded.In such state mother told muscles of all body are relaxed and freely hang down here so.

Among them

This heterogeneity does our meetings unlike other training courses.Pupils on our courses have to possess a certain level of an obr zovaniye, and this only condition.Among them there are students higher educational institutions and professors, lawyers, doctors and those, who could be their clients or patients.In Europe at us there were students from around the world, and in America one of ours are taught shchikhsya there was an anarchist.But, despite all this raznomastnost, at us never was any disagreements.

Down ladder, leading

Wars without loss do not happen.Down ladder, leading down.The Convention on the Rights of the Child the document accepted by the UN and ratified by Russia.Family code.The law on the prevention of violence in a family.They are the serious documents urged to protect the rights of children, to prevent ill treatment, sexual abuses, operation of children, to provide them a roof over the head, livelihood, education and so on.At anybody, perhaps, does not raise doubts need and importance of these documents, after all violations of the rights of children a huge set: orphans, homeless children, the victims of war starving and patients.

Helen felt

The boy was sent to the center of development of children.At last offered a family the practical help.To meet people with similar problems was for parents a consolation.The teacherconsultant connected on work with the center was attached to a family.Helen felt more surely, having understood that in some cases intuitively she arrived correctly.The teacherconsultant assumed that Mathew can have violations of intellectual development, and offered a family support in this the period of shock, painful for it, and experience of loss.

It is useful

Body language is described in more detail in stories about Annie about shyness.It is useful also to teach children to relax see the Relaxation, chapter .When children relax, it is possible to suggest them to imagine that them tease, but that it does not touch them at all.It is possible also to teach children to think about himself: She he does it only in order that to anger me or She he does it only because does not possess sufficient wit to make laugh people somehow differently.It is also possible to recommend to your child to act as teasing and draznimy that he was accustomed not to react to a tease and sneers.

From pristenochny

Bodies of the digestive and respiratory systems are called as vegetative bodies, as serve only vegetable or inactive organism aspect of life.Only recently the last researches showed, just bodies vivatsya.There is a following: in the uniform layers there are points, or the centers, which suddenly on chinat to show high biological activity.From pristenochny matrixes cages are formed and start Faure to mirovaniye of body, or rudiments of body.Irrespective of, what is body, the scheme of its emergence is always identical.

You can not guess

You can not guess that are in such big company: in our society the parent needs to test sense of shame when the son or the daughter skip classes at school, or get drunk, or somehow differently badly behave; therefore even friends not are inclined to speak about offenses of children and the related experiences.Showing you the arrangement, they still can ask at a meeting: And how children?however your answer is consolidated, as a rule, to, that to tell about accepted in behavior of social children, and at all not about disobedience, skirmishes, night returns home, admissions of occupations.

But during

If you knock you will humiliate.And small the humiliation is not terrible?As a rule, parents connect emergence of stutter with a fright, the critical psychoinjuring situation which took place in the child's life.They tell that happened to the kid when the grandmother had him on vacation in the village, at dacha, in kindergarten or sanatorium.But during conversation with parents usually it becomes clear that prerequisites for developing of stutter appeared much earlier.Often it appears that in the early childhood the kid had the serious illness which demanded a long course of treatment.

And such

Also he cannot speak, even if sees that occurs round it.And still with a current time the child starts going both talks, and goes from one achievement to another, the person will not be created yet in all greatness of its corporal and intellectual gifts.And such in a way the door to truth opens: the child not an inert sou shchestvo who is obliged to all of us that it can do as if it was an empty vessel which we have to attacked thread.No, the child creates in himself the person, and there is no such the person who would not be created by that child, which it KOGDZ.

Once, when

When I was absolutely small, the presentiment of New Year began during a time of November rains, and it tried to lean on any sign and a hint of approach of a holiday.Once, when I came from walk which was not pleased yet by the snow phenomenon, saw that in our room on one of far book shelves something shines obviously New Year's.I was sure that it is a gift, and during a moment rushed almost under a ceiling.But it appeared that it was the slice of a usual foil, and together with me all presages of a holiday collapsed ….

Lifted or rose, calmed. And now ask: Why you fell? , What

These speech

Best of all to tell that you really want; if you cry out only denials I do not want spirits; I do not want evening dresses; I do not want delicacies, can die of hunger!In other words, relieve the speech of denials until will be able to speak without any inconveniences, using only the positive statements.Questions.These speech designs also compel your interlocutor to accept on itself responsibility for the experiences which are initially belonging to you or representations.Transform them to positive statements.

It is received

Thus, we found out that education it not that proceeds from the teacher, and natural process, which spontaneously develops in the person.It is received not bywith vyslush Wai of the word, and thanks to experience of interaction of the child about an okra zhayushchy environment.The teacher's task not to give lecture, and podgo to tovit and organize sequence of incentives for a sack turny activity in the special environment created for the child.My experiments made in various countries forty years, and as children proceed here grow, parents constantly ask me to apply mine me toda of work and to more advanced age.

She told

And it started educating the mother on the questions relating to a bladder and its muscles.She told that she should not eat chocolate for the night and to drink CocaCola or coffee, and then in detail explained to her, what exercises it gathers delat.I have a good offer mother told.Annie with suspicion looked at her: sometimes these good offers were reduced to eating of a plateful of soup.Let's draw the big colourful plate where you will tick off, noting the exercises, and to write down as far as your bubble increases and as long you can suffer, detaining I wet.

When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard

The growing person surely has to happen somewhere else, meet other people.When speak: It got to the bad company, In the yard such awful children our good, It in a garden school he learned such things is means that parents perceive the child, as the certain passive being capable only to come under others influence.Meanwhile, the main task of mothers and fathers consists just in bringing up psychologically steady person which personality is capable to resist to negative factors.Remember: the speech problem first of all testifies to problems in neuropsychological development of the child.

Now Oliver

On occupations with Oliver I used own system of the metric notation which well was suitable for training of children with lag in development.Now Oliver could cope with certain short rhythmic drawings which registered then in metric symbols of duration.This metric representation facilitated a propevaniye of long sounds, especially when during singing Oliver the eyes saw how duration on paper lasts.The lines illustrating modulation of its voice on vowels considerably helped the boy, and he could draw them see page .

Now he was sure

And as soon as he croaked as soon as called, anybody to him did not come.Hardly he released a pad and rode home when it was already absolutely dark.Vasya understood that it is impossible to deceive adults, and asked for mother and the father of forgiveness.And then he went to bed and fell asleep a happy frog dream.Now he was sure that if he will be needs the help, mother and the father will always come and will help.As Yulya learned to tell the truth Irina Manichenko Once upon a time there was a girl Yulya.

Here only

Whenever possible it is advisable to go to the grandmother to the village rather and to live there longer.Here only for the rest of life to hens you will not leave.It is necessary to go to school in the fall it is necessary to come back home.Home, where there is a war.War, where my patient both the main trophy, and the only innocent victim.The victim true because cannot protect itself, and suffers really.Sadly, but fact: many of us are inclined to consider the sphere of human relationship, and especially in a family, as a battlefield with the trophies, an advantage gain, fierce firefights and losses.

After that

We have so many different games which we could play together.The boy got agitated.I agree!he told.In that case told figures help us to return on a board: then we will be able to find the place.After that the boy made friends with figures.They taught him to many games.Arithmetics so was pleasant to it that he often forgot to go down to the dining room for lunch.His mother very much became angry about it.Albert!she shouted.It is time to have dinner!

In children, as well

Most likely, you will not cause any damage to the child even in that case if think of yourself with sense of guilt as about the bad parent.In children, as well as in people in general, the huge force which induces them is concluded to live, and this force defines in much bigger degree, than all that, that you will make or will not make what they will become.Are obvious considerable distinctions in those conditions in which children successfully grow up and become adults: in Indian villages of Central America, where them isolate for the very first years of life in dark huts; in a needle Eskimos; in primitive tribes where they are brought up mainly by others children and old men and where they very seldom see parents.

I know that

Of course, can Annie concerned occurring and nevertheless hoping told to find some way out.I know!Annie by voice of the victor exclaimed.I know that now it is necessary to do!It was dawned suddenly by ingenious thought: after all it is possible to draw mother and the father again together.With improbable diligence and diligence, moving with language between teeth that, in her opinion, helped it to concentrate, she drew the parents with a row, smiling each other.Near them it placed the, too smiling, the image.

In that case, seeing

Too often parents speak to children: After divorce it will be better whereas actually a lot of time that this expected improvement at last came is required.In that case, seeing that after business divorce actually worsen, children test confusion and become mistrustful.And, at last, be convinced that your child understands that you explain to him.Repetition by the child of your words that mother and the father get divorced, does not mean that he understands an essence and sense of divorce.

We noticed: children

We noticed: children behave in many respects as princes, when parents, deprived before selfrespect, start resisting and to assert the rights.Let's give as an example the following original history of the yearold teenager who threatened to run away from the house only because his father did not buy it the third !new car.One wealthy father of family provided with cars all the children when they were years old.His fourth child broke the new the car therefore the father bought it another.

This musical

The boy stood.In amazement looked at mother.This musical attack which expressed indignation of that it neglected it game, worked much more effectively, than any admonition.We work together and now, within nearly four years, and for this period Mathew's development as the general, and emotional passed different stages both rise, and decline.If to look far back, it is possible to tell that the boy became kontaktny, than earlier, studies at school more successfully.

But sometimes

But the fairy If, apparently, did not take offense.First, I adore red color she answered, correcting red ringlets and always wanted that hair curled.But sometimes I think: Ah, if they were smooth, white and taken away back, I then would look wiser and elegant.Also and with footwear she told, extending feet so that they could be made out better.I like these elegant shoes on high heels but when you rub a callosity, think: here if I carried usual convenient footwear.


, but not the contents it is impossible to force to reconcile, stupidly swallowing offenses; if feel that the child can solve a problem itself do not interfere, give advice, only if asks, control, direct.Children can independently solve some evil problems, others cannot without you.Here also your clever support is necessary.But anyway the child has to know that you on his party that he under your protection.Know the rights as parent and as consumer under the law on consumer protection and under other laws.

Tasks for allocation

It is possible to train phonemic hearing already from oneyearold age.Exercises are carried out by the principle from simple to difficult.Tasks for allocation of the first sound, recognition of words on the set sound, a dogovarivaniye it is recommended to carry out from years.Ask the child to repeat after you sounds: AOIUY IOAYE UOIAY Ask the child to repeat after you sound combinations: IU'S JOINTSTOCK COMPANY YA UE Ask to raise the kid a hand when he hears a sound And: OUAIA Ask the child to raise a hand when he hears a sound At: IUUOY Ask to raise the kid a hand when he hears the sound Ы: OIYUY Ask the child to raise a hand when he hears a sound And: IOAIE Ask the child to raise a hand when he hears the sound Э: OAEIE Ask the child to call an excess sound: AAUAA OIOOO UUUUY Ask the child to repeat after you syllables: PANO VYKUZO GOHIMU DOGADO BYZOZO TUTUNA SUNOVOGA LOGONAKA DODODOPA MININILI BANOPULYGO ZUDIVUMOVE KUTONYTSOCHA Show to the child of the picture: aster, watermelon, lamp shade, arch.

Surely discuss

Prepare for that the kid will achieve results gradually.All children different: one grab quickly, another need more time for assimilation of new knowledge.Surely discuss with the child how he performs tasks, sum up the results, do not forget to mark out any, even a tiny victory, each small achievement.We develop acoustical attention It is very important to develop acoustical attention: it is necessary in order that the child was able to learn and distinguish new sounds.

At development

At supervision over the child burns eBHj, Hjiiyi^TразвителжЩа occurs through and 'I I ciiiie.At development of the speech, for example, we see that раз^ ~ From ability to understanding goes hand in hand with took away N ipsm muscle works, sounds participating in pronouncing and It is YOUNG the Observations over children made worldwide chrzhdat that the child uses the movements for development that of understanding.The movement helps development of reason, to gm in turn expresses itself in the movement and active HI Turns out that we deal with a certain cycle, to olk the reason and the movement are parts uniform whole yu py sense organs, and rebealso take part possessing smaller opportunities of touch joint stock company I and HI I of wasps of I and, remains at lower level intellectual time I pi The muscles operated by a brain are called as muscles Irin of crazy movements.


You think it is indignant obviously counting on my support.mother speaks I read her letter to some girl a continuous mat.Took a bypass receiver you about what and in what expressions it spoke with the girlfriend would hear!Simply hair on end become!Of course, at us was after that the next scandal.Whether it seems to you that you overheard private conversation, spotted what was intended not to you?I asked.Well you!Same my own daughter!The woman is excited, almost in despair but after all she does not notice the obvious!

You understand, after

Why it was heavy for you?she asked.You understand, after all at you earlier never was the stepfather?Well here, and I too was never the stepfather so all this and is new to me earlier and it is unusual.Both of us should study.yes Annie told and after a short pause added: I never reflected on it.You want to tell, what for you it is also strange to become the stepfather how for me to obtain the stepfather?How to tell Josh vaguely answered partly it is normal, and it is partly strange.

For the first

Boys at first had to be engaged with me individually and out of a class.For the first time we met in the big empty room equipped with a video camera.Then allocated us the special isolated room at school the pleasant, well equipped room, with all conveniences, including a translucent mirror.Though we were also engaged at school, my main objective was not to teach to boys music, and to make it the tool for their development that would promote complete formation of their identity.I used music as the emotional, intellectual and social power serving integration as means to weaken the feelings of alarm and frustration peculiar to many children with autism.

As you already

Gradually all children, then adults, and even the main storyteller start shivering.To the aid on wave of a magic wand there is the following saving design crosswise the put sticks, with the elastic bands attached to the ends.Elastic bands there will be enough ten meters two short and two long pomocha with ringlets on the ends.As you already guessed are threads for puppets.The highest fathers will drive children, and the main wizard to help them to keep some chetyrekhugolnost of the movement, as well as it is necessary to dolls.

Whether there

Any mistakes.Then asked Annie: And you want that every time everything turned out faultlessly?Annie nodded.Oh, My God the godmother told.Whether there is not a bit too much for the little girl?I, for example, did not meet any person who would always do everything faultlessly.And thank God!It would be the most opposite bore.No, my dear, it is impossible to learn something, without making mistakes, and it is simply impossible well though slightly to have fun or a good time when you try to be faultless all the time.

Then keep

It is the special section of your reason, something like magic.Oho Annie told, wigging out.And I also did not know that in me there is something magic.Magic, magic is in each of us continued Sam.It is only necessary to trust in it and to learn to use this gift.If you want, I will show you right now, properly to connect the magic.Annie according to nodded, showing the impatience.Then keep more strong advised it Sam.Now we will go to the imagined travel.Where?

Adhere to this

To see that your child the responsible and decent person.Adhere to this thought, do not dare to fall in those not relevant emotions about which we spoke in chapter What most of people most of all needs, is a happiness and the fair, based on cooperation relations with people around.We are convinced, as you, and your child feel this need.However in conditions of a stress or threat people are inclined to forget, to what actually aspire, and start behaving as if their deepest cares were: How to win, win?

By all means

By all means allow your spouse and your child to establish such relationship which are presented to them the best.For example, if you want to communicate with your child in not intense and kind to manner also behave respectively, and your spouse and your child consider possible to interact with each other by means of orders, mutual offenses and reproaches, let they and do.Adhere to, that to care only of the problems which are directly influencing your life and that what do you think of other people.

I and! to not the only

Often the reduced form connects I hi to themnibud imitative word, for example gav The I in stub of designation of a dog, or the word is simply invented.And rs ultate there is that at us is called to nurseries yazy The I OHM but deserves much more careful studying with The I c ropa of what work is care of children.I and!to not the only thing that the child in it forms and raising.Among other things it finds feeling of an order.It and which to a measure is not something superficial or short Eternal as it often is considered to be, and arises from of the I item sing need.

Atem on a scene

It were absolutely new biological lines.atem on a scene there was a new character the person.If To Goiorit about the person as about a species, its embryo IMSS double life.It is created on the new project and has, ich to comparison with other creatures, new mission.On scrap the moment we should stop and, proceeding from to stub, anew to begin studying of development of the child and psychology and yuneka.If work of the person on the earth is connected with his spirit, it creative reason, then its spirit and its reason have to i.

Because mothers

Mother and the child are unseparable.All the time, when they somewhere together, mother I about a time it, and the child listens.If mother bargains with the seller, on occurs in the presence of the child, he everything sees also sla board.And so the entire period of breastfeeding, which is also the reason of such close union.Because mothers to share to feed the child and therefore it cannot leave it Houses when leaves.Thus, need of the child in to niche and the love uniting these two beings connect In a solution of the problem of adaptation of the child to the world, also occurs but the most natural way.


F.continued to conduct helpless fight for that, to control Sallie.For Mrs.F.everything began as if anew.But again diligent and steadily she worked on learning to refuse from the habits to control the daughter.Meanwhile Sallie threw the the friend, but instead of him found another which was years old and which almost at once after their acquaintance it was arrested by police.When it was in pretrial detention, it could call, and Sallie long spoke with it by phone, receiving as a result considerable accounts for these negotiations.

And here

Professor John Dewey John Dewey, wellknown the American teacher, tells about the idea to buy in New York, this great center of the American life, me Bel and the ware made especially for children.It personally bypassed all shops in search of small sweepers, stools, plates etc.also could not find anything similar otsutst the idea of their production vovat.And here that was in izob Leah so it is various toys.In amazement it vos clicked: And after all about children forgot!

Annie really

That to change something usually happens to wish insufficiently that other people became others.And what then it is necessary to make?asked Annie by the shivering voice.How it is possible to change something?She was very upset.Annie really wanted to change everything, and now leaves that it is impossible.I now will show you that it is necessary to make told FEB by a sympathizing voice, and patted Annie shoulder.I know that you are upset, afflicted, but there is a way to help you the fairy added and stretched to Annie colored pencils.

' yu means

With unlimited vozmozh nost it can quite be the converter chelovechest N, , a hook as he is his creator.The child bears to us Great hope and new vision.Exists a lot of such, 'mo we, teachers, can make to give mankind To the I deeper understanding, higher level of a bl Tax Code остояния^к_более to the high level of spirituality.' yu means that the child should be read out from the birth the ushestvo possessing important mental life and from To Iositsya to it respectively.Today mental life zh'porozhdenny children really it began to be given much until now attention.

We lift fingers

We lift fingers into the score slowly we raise fingers, palms lie on a lap, we lower fingers into the score slowly we lower fingers, palms lie on a lap.We bend and draw in fingers to a palm into the score , we unbend and relax fingers into the score .Handles greet into the score of the handle shake each other, lying on a lap, handshake breaks up hands it is weakened lie on a lap into the score .The finger rests against a finger also the ring tries to close into the score it is necessary to connect fingertips of both hands, the finger comes off a finger fingers break up to the score and it is weakened lie on a lap.

This institution

The statistics shows the amazing growth of number mad criminals and those whom neighbors consider strange.Sociologists appeal to school to recover from this evil, but the school is the certain world, the world closed from such problems.This institution with too long sorts nice from within to change the traditions.Only to a davla the scientific research institute from the outside can change, update and find medicine from mistakes which spoil education at each level and too heavy freight lay down on the pupil's life.

There the painted

When it went to children's home camp, on the sea, and to it there were any incidents it brought them as an opredmechennost of the failures, and my participation was as if a secondary condolence, secondary support.On a podarkovy shelf on ancient parchment the dried sturgeon as a cherished dream of one of my pupils floats to become the ichthyologist.There the painted suit feather from Day of the Indian prepared by March Eighth is based than especially I am proud.Here a small ancient key from a difficult lock of ancient work.

And what

You who?in horror Kolya asked.I am an Informer!it is proud the terrible head answered, having put out the tongue at the long blue.And what it is necessary to you here?the shivering voice pointereksovatsya Kolya.I for you!the head jumped up, and the sphere shook in Colin the party.It nearly fell down from a bed.Help!Kolya cried.But anybody did not hear it.He for some reason and did not hear himself.

Well, thinks, I will

Well, thinks, I will never not complain of legs any more!Obstinacy You will find two fairy tales in this subject: ICQ and Asenka, The fairy tale about the city of Upryamsk.Pick up the fairy tale which is most suitable your malyksh and read before going to bed.ICQ and Asenka Elmira Blinova Mother made a dinner when heard a wild roar in a podjkezda.

Often I feel

I also could not present that to me it will be sometime so sad.Well, and what you made?Emily asked.Yes anything Annie answered.At first it was very sad and heavy.Talked to mother and to the father a little.Then, through some time I began to get used.Even now to me sometimes in addition happens sadly.But I try to think of it less.Often I feel even the happy.You know, something good in life after all occurs.You think that it more will never be, and it comes.

Fire mastered

If a palm, a harmonious plate, tenderly, but quickly to carry out on the top of a candle, fire will not burn.This moment is very important because in each child there lives the little Prometheus overcoming a ban on fire.Fire mastered near the adult can turn into pride for the first time of the tested.Before I saw how fire gives light.I felt heat.I tried taste of a fried crust of bread.Today I the first time concerned fire..at mother!

And unconditionally

By the way, most of the victims of sexual maniacs is made by silent, obedient girls who got used to submit, obey and not to contradict seniors.And unconditionally to trust all.It is possible to tell with confidence that on someone else's enveloping phrases those girls who feel emotionally protected which grow in the atmosphere of acceptance and love are much less and much less often bought.The most reliable protection It belongs both to girls, and to boys, both to small, and to the already almost big.

Do not tempt! Through

The girl has to acquire safety measures.When you dress about very short skirt be especially vigilant and mistrustful.Do not tempt!Through the dark yards do not go, in empty public gardens it is not necessary to stroll too.At a sidewalk edge closely to the road it is better not to go the car will brake, the door will swing open and you easily there will involve.In the elevator with the stranger and znakomets too together you should not rise together.Not to get into others cars never.

Can serve

Establish nighttime lighting which the child could switch on and off voluntarily.Very much also special constructed device will help.Can serve that anything from a pocket small lamp to an empty aerosol barrel.It is also possible to recommend to your child to draw monsters, and then to tear these drawings to pieces, or to mold them from clay then to flatten them in flat cakes.It allows your child not only to express the terrible feelings and emotions, but also to be afraid less of monsters and, finally, to find the power over them.

As soon

And by the nature of it flame, on a smoke and the unknown who is thrown out outside hour to titsa experts can define the nature of structure of Earth.As soon as children find themselves in the conditions of the real lives can also use serious tools and ut to varye, suitable them by the size, seemingly, in them probuzh unforeseen manifestations of activity are given.They were are so undoubted as are surprising, and our attempts to watch them and to try to interpret their value, that to help to be shown by another same, led to emergence this method of training.

To these

We have to help malen to whom to creation not because we think of it as about the small and weak but because it is allocated by the great creative energiya, by the nature so fragile that need in the loving and reasonable protection.To these energiya we want to help, but not to the child or his weakness.When we understand, that energy belong to unconscious reason, to which it is necessary to become conscious by means of work and it is vital foot of the experience gained in the world we understand that reason the child in infancy differs from ours that we ps we can reach it verbal manuals And ps we can interfere with process of its transition directly from an unconsciousness to the conscious process formations of the person.

Only after

The press started writing about spontaneously found culture.Psychologists asked a question, whether these children differ something from others and for ourselves this long time remained a riddle.Only after further eksper we with confidence imprisoned cops that all children are allocated ability to absorb culture.And if it is the truth, ubezh we gave then if it is possible to find culture without efforts, then let's provide to children access to other its components.And then we saw that they absorb much more, than reading and the letter botany, zoology, mathematics, geo grafiya all with the same ease, spontaneously and without getting tired.

For the rest

When Oliver improvised, I helped him, accompanying on a piano, played ostinato on bass octaves at the speed chosen by it it needed and often asked about such support.For the rest transferred an initiative to it until there was a need to stimulate with high notes or a staccato.Oliver only occasionally imitated that heard, and in this sense it is possible to call its work rather creative.Duet with D.A.Day when Oliver started communicating closely with a piano came and ceased to tap in the same way one finger continuous series of notes up and down.


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